About the Tech

very automaker has its own unique set of safety technologies, but Toyota’s is one of the few that has proven its worth! Continue reading to learn more, or come see for yourself at Midlands Toyota, in Columbia, SC.

Toyota’s Pre-Collision System

Toyota’s Pre-Collision System uses radar technology that helps warn drivers when there’s a strong chance that a frontal collision will happen. If the driver fails to react or the system detects that the driver won’t be able stop in time, it steps in, hits the brakes, and retracts the seatbelt.

Blind Spot Monitor

Seeing everything on the road is difficult and something many drivers simply can’t do. That’s where the blind spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert comes in. The system uses radar to scan blind spots and lets drivers know if another vehicle is present via a warning signal in the side mirror.

Lane Departure Alert

Lane departure alert is there for when you’re tired or fatigued from a long day or night. When driving at speeds of more than 32 mph, a specialized camera tracks the lane markers and keeps watch. If you start to drift out of the lane, then the system alerts the driver via a beeping sound and indicator light on the instrument panel.

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