Real-Time Instant Trade Appraisal in Columbia, SC

When it comes to valuing your trade, Midlands understands that every customer wants the best possible deal for their pre-owned car. That’s why our Real-Time Trade Guarantee is our way of making sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase a new vehicle from us.

  • We are committed to offering you the most competitive, up to date valuation for your trade using real-time appraisal.
  • You no longer have to wonder if you’ve gotten the best deal!
  • As soon as we enter your trade information in our appraisal tool, there will be multiple buyers bidding on your vehicle in real time to ensure you get the highest, most accurate number.
  • It’s a no-hassle, stress-free way of approaching the car buying process.

What is Instant Trade Appraisal?

Real-Time Trade Appraisal is our method of transparent trading in order to give you the best price for your pre-owned vehicle. Every hour, our trade-in technology compares pre-owned sales data and ensure the best price for your vehicle by brand, year, model, mileage, conditions, and other relevant information like accident history.

Ensure the Best Price for Your Used Vehicle

It can be difficult to get the full value out of your used car once you’re ready to purchase a new one. At Midlands, we provide the one-stop shopping convenience of Real-Time Trade Appraisal for your used car, truck, or SUV and can prepare this information during the transaction process. Not only do we offer the latest technology to research the best price for your car, but our technicians are experts at inspecting the true value of your vehicle and can estimate a true-to-market offer. Let us help get you the best deal today!

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