How to Change your Air Filter and Windshield Wipers

Not all car maintenance requires a mechanic or a set of tools. Changing your air filter and windshield wipers are simple tasks that any driver can do on their own. The only tools each task requires are your hands, and the parts are pretty inexpensive. Here’s the breakdown of how to change your air filter and wipers!

How to Change your Air Filter

  1. Look for the black box under the hood of your car. It can be easily identified by the metal clips on the side. If you’re having trouble finding it, refer to your owner’s manual for an exact location.
  2. Once you’ve’ located the box, unlock the clips and open the casing. Before you rip out the old filter and throw it away, look at how it fits and which way the filter faces.
  3. Insert the new filter exactly how the old one sat.
  4. Put the metal clips back in place to lock the case. You’re done!

How to Change your Windshield Wipers

  1. Lift the bold blades above as though you’re washing your windshield. Be careful not to bend the arms or the old wiper blades.
  2. Remove the blade, but be sure to take note of how the old blades are connected to the arms. Not paying attention could generate a few minutes of frustration if you try to put the blade in backwards.
  3. Push the tab on the underside of the wiper to remove the old blade.
  4. Insert the new blades exactly as the old ones were. Make sure they’re secure before plopping them back onto your windshield.
  5. If you’re having trouble, check the owner’s manual and box in which the new wiper blades came in for instructions. Vehicles vary by automaker so the process could be a little different on yours!

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