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If you’re fixing your car with aftermarket parts, you’re going to fall behind! Get the advantage on everyone else with OEM Toyota parts from Midlands Toyota! OEM parts are designed specifically for your model and year, meaning they will work exactly as your original parts would. This also means that your Toyota will run the best it possibly can with that OEM part. When you shop with Midlands Toyota, you’ll be able to find any OEM part you could ever want or need. We’ve got everything from wiper blades and batteries to tires, brakes, and more! We even carry authentic Toyota accessories so you can put a personal touch on your car, truck, or SUV. Of course, the reason many choose aftermarket parts is because they’re cheaper. Well, Midlands Toyota makes sure you always get the best price on OEM parts with various money saving programs, packages, financing options, specials, and more! So before you choose the cheaper option, remember that cheaper parts will give you a cheaper performance. Choose OEM parts from Midlands Toyota and maximize your performance! Order any part you need online, or visit our service center on Killian Commons Pkwy near Columbia today!

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Get the most out of your Toyota with OEM parts! Order any part you need from Midlands Toyota today!

Batteries are pretty important. They run all the electrical components in your car and your car won’t start without one. So make sure you're running a quality OEM battery in your Toyota, so you’ll be recharging it less and enjoying the benefits more! Order your OEM battery today from Midlands Toyota!

Whether you want new floor mats, wiper blades, or a tow hitch, Midlands Toyota has all the best OEM Toyota accessories you could want. Make your Toyota your own today!

Not all wiper blades are created equal, believe it or not. Cheaper wiper blades won’t help you all that much during heavy rain. Start looking out of your windshield in 4k with high quality OEM wiper blades from Midlands Toyota. Order yours today!

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